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What is the median pay / hourly rate for a Technical Writer?

The median pay / hourly rate for a Technical Writer consultant in the Bay Area / Silicon Valley area is $57.08, with a standard deviation of $11.91. This means that 68% of consultants will be within a range of $45.16 – $68.99.

At any given moment of time there is roughly a 0-1% active rate, meaning you can expect roughly 0-1% of Technical Writers to be looking for a job at any given time.


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Technical Writer
Redwood City, CA
Create professional user documentation for a technical audience. Collaborate with subject matter experts (product managers, software developers, etc). Collect content submitted by product managers and engineers within the organization and curate. Present a consistent style, tone and voice.

Technical Recruiter
Pleasanton, CA
Experienced corporate technical recruiter sought. Experience with all facets of recruiting, including full cycle recruiting is required.


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