Employers / Clients — Advanced Staffing Services

Today’s project cycles are time-compressed. The ability to add the right talent to your staff — on demand — often can determine the success of a project.

Strategic & Specialty Staffing

At Advanced, we provide candidates through specialty staffing. We can manage projects and related workloads from start to finish. The Advanced staffing approach is specifically designed to review and suggest staffing needs. Staffing needs are determined based on a company’s immediate and long-term objectives. We enable managers to determine the best combination of permanent and contract employees. Our expertise helps managers meet their staffing needs.


Advanced staffing consultants hold a variety of degrees and job skills. Our consultants are available for a wide range of projects. Projects that include implementation of new technologies. Project management. Providing added support during times of peak project workloads. What’s most important is that our consultants afford firms access to a wider range of skills. We give firms a source of immediate expertise at a reasonable price.

Going Above & Beyond

Advanced’s key to success relies on two concepts. We have the ability to identify the right IT professional for the job. We also maintain long-term relationships with both the client and consultant. This helps to build and grow our resource network. Advanced has perfected its recruiting techniques. We use online profiling and internet based push technology. This is key to identify and provide talented, hardworking, and resourceful technology professionals.

Best Value Partnership

Advanced understands what’s needed in today’s rapidly changing IT world. We support new technologies and methodologies. Our methods and approaches produce results. We know how critical it is to get the best match between consultants and your project. The first time. We offer three decades of expertise and industry leadership.

Quality Measures, Rapid Execution & Finding the Right Fit

Our innovative online screening process is designed to check and test candidates. We assess the skills of candidates before recommending them to you. This ensures that their technical knowledge and expertise is what they claim. It also ensures this is the best that the market can provide. The result? Highest quality placements. The Advanced candidate interview process uses a specially designed algorithm and database. This hones in on specific action keywords. Keywords that provide fast and accurate matches with your focused needs and requirements. As a result, this process has made our “interview-to-hire” ratio one of the industry’s best. It’s no wonder we are consistently rated #1 by both clients and consultants.

Our Professionals

Advanced’s recruiters average five times the industry average in experience. Additionally, our Account Managers have special tools at their disposal. They have strong management and technical skills. They know how to develop critical information on the client’s corporate culture and on the project environment.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this. Advanced’s staffing approach helps employers make better hiring decisions. We also reduce turnover and lower hiring costs.

Project Management

Currently over 66% of all projects in the IT industry fall short. This is often due to budget, cost and time overruns or user dissatisfaction. Knowing this in advance, Advanced knows we can help you! We guarantee our Project Manager Service will deliver to you optimal results. You’ll receive highly experienced and skilled Project Managers in the industry. We provide project management consultants who have the skills you need. Consultants who deliver projects on time and within budget.

Vendor Management Services

Advanced’s Vendor Management Services include: 1) Administrative and Payroll Services. We match consultants with positions and companies. We also use industry-standard contracts. We tailor these to meet the specific legal and tax concerns for the company. We also tailor these for the project and jurisdiction in which work is performed. 2) Consolidated Contract and Vendor Administration Services. We provide payment management, payroll services, invoice consolidation, and budget reporting.

Regulatory Compliance

Techservce, our industry trade association, has established regulatory guidelines. Advanced meets and surpasses these guidelines. We have a perfect compliance record. Not only with governmental regulatory agencies, but also with the IRS. In fact, in the last 15 years, we have had 100% compliance with IRS audits. That’s because we perform record keeping and payroll generation for our consultants. We take care of administration, and government reporting services for consultants. We also conduct key negotiations with the consultant when requested. Negotiations that cover contractual, administrative and human resources needs.

Onsite Account Manager

Advanced understands that clients often need a dedicated person on site. This is necessary to meet the staffing demands of large projects. That includes recruiting and talent administration.