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What is the median pay or hourly rate for a Sr. Business Analyst?

The median pay / hourly rate for a Sr. Business Analyst consultant in the Bay Area / Silicon Valley area is $78.85, with a standard deviation of $12.62. This means that 68% of consultants will be within a range of $66.23 – $91.48.

At any given moment of time there is roughly a 2% active rate, meaning you can expect roughly 2% of Business Analysts to be looking for a job at any given time.


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Business Systems Analyst I
South San Francisco, CA
This is a Business Re-Engineering/Enterprise Applications role. Job requires subject matter expertise in managed markets, in payer and provider reimbursements, and in pricing and market access strategy, for the biopharmaceutical industry.

Business Systems Analyst
South San Francisco, CA
The IT Business Systems Analyst will be responsible for working closely with partners from the IT group in order to understand and document strategic drivers and tactical needs. The IT Business Systems Analyst will ensure that the implementation teams can provide solutions that meet the business need with the necessary stability, usability, and scalability.

Sr. IT Project Manager I
South San Francisco, CA
This position provides project management to gRED IT. As the IT Project Manager, your primary responsibilities include the planning, execution and monitoring of IT projects in the gRED Research Labs portfolio.

Business Systems Analyst
South San Francisco, CA
Clinical development is rapidly intersecting with technologies that have classically been the domain of high-tech. These technologies can be transformative for clinical trials. But, identifying appropriate solutions demands careful analysis and experimentation. Experimentation that often goes considerably beyond existing practices.

Project Manager
Mountain View, CA
Business Re-Engineering / Enterprise Applications. We are looking for someone with previous IT Project Management experience, particularly with large projects.

IT Project Manager
South San Francisco, CA
Business Re-Engineering / Enterprise Applications. We are looking for a minimum of 5+ years of experience as a successful Information Technology Project Manager using structured project management processes.

Sr. Project Manager
Pleasanton, CA
Business Re-Engineering / Enterprise Applications. We are seeking a Senior Level Project Manager with prior Program Management experience.

Business Systems Analyst
South San Francisco, CA
Business Re-Engineering / Enterprise Applications. Looking for someone with 5 – 7 years experience as business systems analyst. Interpersonal skills, communication skills, and ability to work with stake holders who are scientists and other lab personnel. Be detail oriented. Jira experience and Technical background are very helpful.

[Apply Here…]

SharePoint Business Systems Analyst
South San Francisco, CA
Business Re-Engineering / Enterprise Applications. The Business Systems Analyst for client’s Research and Early Development (gRED) IT group will help capture, document, and deliver new features and enhancements to the SharePoint systems. gRED IT supports the Development Sciences and the Early Clinical Development groups.


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Santa Clara, CA

Pleasanton, CA

Redwood Shores, CA

South San Francisco, CA

Mountain View, CA

Redwood City, CA

San Francisco, CA

Newark, CA


Business Analysts Skills and Requirements

  • Communication

    Business Analysts must be good communicators. They must facilitate work meetings, ask good questions, listen to the answers, and figure out what to do next.

  • Problem Solving

    Business Analysts share in the understanding of the problem, the possible solutions and determine the scope of the project. You’ll also find Business Analysts facilitating teams to solve technical challenges. Particularly when these challenges involve negotiations between multiple stakeholders.

  • Critical Thinking

    Business Analysts are responsible for collecting all of the information and then helping the team settle on a solution. While discovering what the problem is, business analysts listen to stakeholders’ needs. They also critically figure out what the real need is.

  • Documentation and Specification

    Business Analysts need to create clear and concise documentation.

  • Analysis

    As a Business Analyst you’ll need to see the gaps that others gloss over. You’ll need to identify the downstream impact of a change or new solution. A mature BA uses a myriad of techniques to conduct analysis and deconstruct the problem or solution. Examples include use cases, business process models, and decision models.

  • Visual Modeling

    Business Analyst should be able to create visual models. Models that include work flow diagrams and wireframe prototypes.

  • Relationship Building

    A business analyst builds trust with stakeholders. A business analyst helps bridge gaps that may occur during a project.

  • Self-Managing

    Business Analysts are proactive and dependency aware. They manage themselves to commitments and meet deadlines.

  • Methodology

    Includes: Agile Business Analysis, Six Sigma, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Rational Unified Process.

  • Industry and Domain Expertise

Business Analyst Typical Day to Day Activities

  • Investigating goals and issues

    Business Analysts spend a lot of time asking questions, conducting interviews, and observe work in progress. Business Analysts do analysis and look for solution alternatives, both inside and outside the organization.

  • Analyzing information

    Once the Business Analyst has collected all the information from the stakeholders, the Business Analyst explains in detail what the business needs are in order to solve the issue. At this stage the Business Analyst interacts with the development team to design the layout and define what the solution should look like.

  • Communicating with a broad range of people

    Good Business Analysts spend countless hours actively communicating. More than speaking, this means hearing and building an open conversation. Being able to communicate clearly what the problem is and what is the solution.

  • Documenting findings

    Business Analysts must record what they learn and observe, recording the results of their analysis.

  • Evaluating solutions

    A Business Analyst will spend time identifying the various options for solving the present issue, then help choose the best option.

  • Implementation

    The implementation phase is when the Business Analyst should review and be aware how clients utilize the designated framework.

In essence, a Business Analyst navigates through a problem. The business analyst suggests solutions and is responsible for the resolution of the problem. They are aware of what the end destination is, and how to get there. The business analyst is capable of handling any problems that arise during the project.

Business Analyst Duties and Responsibilities

  • Extract Requirements

    A business analyst determines a project’s requirements by extracting them from stakeholders through interaction and research.

  • Anticipate Requirements

    The baseline framework will be subject to modification and being able to anticipate requirements that will be needed in the future or that have not yet been considered is essential to successful outcomes.

  • Constrain Requirements

    While business analysts should hear all the stakeholders needs, the focus must remain on the core business needs and not users’ personal preferences, functions related to trends, or outdated processes, or other non-essential modifications.

  • Organize Requirements

    Requirements come from all sources, sometimes even from opposing views. The business analyst must be able to organize requirements into related categories. He must be able to effectively manage and communicate them. Organization prevents requirements from being overlooked.

  • Translate Requirements

    The business analyst must be able to translate business requirements to technical requirements.

  • Simplify Requirements

    The business analyst must meet business objectives. This is the goal of every project. Business analysts identify and avoid superfluous activities that either do not solve the problem or do not help reach the objective.

  • System and Operations Maintenance

    Once all the requirements have been met and the solution delivered, the business analyst will transition into a maintenance role. Business analysts correct defects, enable enhancements, or make changes to increase the value of a solution. The business analyst will then create reports and other documentation to analyze the effectiveness of the solution.

What makes a good Business Analyst?

  • Communication

    Business analysts must be good communicators. They need to be able to facilitate work meetings, ask good questions, and take good notes to figure out what the problem is.

  • Problem Solving

    Business Analysts facilitate a shared understanding of the problem, the possible solutions, and determines the scope of the project. Business analysts also facilitate teams to solve challenges. They negotiate with the various stakeholders.

  • Critical Thinking

    Business Analysts are responsible for evaluating multiple options before settling on a solution. While discovering the problem, business analysts will listen to all the stakeholders’ needs and decipher what the real need is.

  • Conflict Resolution

    Good Business Analysts create alignment and ownership around the solution. This means ensuring that when the solution is delivered, the business owns that this is what they wanted and are prepared to use it.

  • Create Requirement Specifications
  • Facilitate Elicitation
  • Alternative Thinking
  • Understanding Business Processes
  • Creating Clarity
  • Trustworthy
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